Welcome to Laara’s Vacuums

 Laara’s Vacuums has been serving our community for over 30 years

Laara’s Vacuums now offers all makes and models of new and used vacuums, including central vacuums, in a range of prices that meet the demands of the folks in our community.

Unlike most stores in today’s world, we have onsite, in-house repair and maintenance technicians with over 30 years experience who makes sure your Vacuums, Sewing Machines, and Air Purifiers are in tip top working order. Only a few days are required for most work and we offer free estimates. Customer service is our number one priority and we back all work 100%.

So whether you’re looking for a new vacuum, or your old one just needs maintenance, drop by or give Laara a call and take advantage of her 30+ years of experience. In her words: “Helping people is very important to me. What I do is listen to their needs and solve their problems, which does not necessarily mean selling them a new vacuum.”

Laara's Vacuums

“I bought a vacuum cleaner here and it was very durable. Their staff assisted me with product selection and guided me to the best product for what I need, as I had a combination of hardwood, carpet, and tiled flooring for my home.”  Lee Ho Fan in Richmond

Had my Meile repaired recently and am really impressed with the time it took to return and the customer service of the staff. I would recommend this store to anyone. Thank you Laara’s Vacuum.” Sherry Hansford

“I can’t say enough about Laara’s Vacuums, they’ve helped me over the past 6 years educating me about the Miele vacuum of which I own and very happy with! Laara’s is very approachable and a very caring person! She has never denied me entrance to her establishment when I entered with my two dogs. When I took my vacuum cleaner wound in for repairs (my fault due to carelessness) she offered me a loaner knowing I have 2 dogs at home until the repair was completed which only took 2 working days!. I’ve recommend Laara’s and will continue to do so!”  Linda Roter